Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another Lib Dems gain from the Tories!

Just got a text from Tim Huggan to let me know that we have gained Red Lodge in Forest Heath from the Tories! Result as follows:

Lib Dem 321 - 55.9%
Con 230 - 40.1%
UKIP 23 - 4%

Many many congratulations to new Cllr Pat McCloud! And well done to Tim too. He confessed to me earlier this week that they had given me the hardest part of Red Lodge to telecanvass, yet I had come away thinking we would walk it. Not least because Pat McCloud has clearly been working very hard in the ward and has built a great reputation.

So........what's that saying about "onwards and upwards"? The Tories may be whipping the botties of the Labour Party, but they still have a fight on with us.

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Mark Valladares said...

I'm glad that Ros and I dropped in to do a round of delivering during the campaign then...

A very good result indeed!