Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Boris: I'll Ban Bendy Buses...........

Well, that's OK then, we'll all Back Boris! I was rather amused throughout the day (having traversed the city six times today) to spot this Evening Standard Billboard headline. Funnily enough I had travelled from Bedford this morning with Tory PPC Richard Fuller (I know I get into terrible trouble fraternising with the Tories!) and another Bedfordian, Hywel Davies. Hywel takes a bendy - sorry fold up - bike and from my point of view takes his life in his hands to traverse the city (one of my fellow commuters who works at Lehman brothers does the same thing all the way from St P to CanWaf and swears blind he sees us all getting off the DLR) so when I asked whether there was anything that scared him about cycling in London, there was only one thing.............the Bendy Buses!

So, Boris's no 1 priority says it all. He only understands London in the context of his own, largely privileged, experience............good for him to cycle, but please, dear Boris, there are a few other issues in London that may be a teeny weeny bit more pressing to Londoners than bendy buses.

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