Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Should this be the end of Loo's Muze?

Someone, I can’t remember who, referred to my blog the other day as “the unfortunately titled Lindyloo’s Muze”. I have to confess I have been a tad troubled by this………what is unfortunate about it? Have I a gaping hole in my education, is Lindyloo a euphemism for I know not what? Is this what comes of dabbling in a male domain? Given the extraordinary range of names for blogs, maybe it’s a wee bit too pedestrian? So should I ditch it for one of my other nicknames (well one that I am aware of!) or perhaps my favourite pseudonym Dr Renie Selawi (an anagram of my former name). Or maybe it should just be entitled the rather more serious - Linda Jack and be done with it. Maybe you would like to vote, or maybe that would be just too boring……….


Duncan Borrowman said...

Odd. I am wondering whether "Duncan Borrowman" is too boring for mine. Maybe you could become "Linda Jack" and I could become Dunkiepoosmuze ?

Linda Jack said...

I think that is an excellent idea!!!!

Paul Walter said...

Stick with it, Linda. Showing my ignorance, what is a "muze"? I know what a "muse" is.