Thursday, September 06, 2007

Who says the camera never lies?

A couple of weeks ago, whilst at the Ross BBQ a fellow Lib Dem, a certain Mr Plater (actually Tim you remind me of Dave Aaronavitch on your pic for some strange reason?!), lambasted me about the pic on my blog. About time I changed it says he - subtext, why put a pic you took 20 years ago up and pretend it is you? Actually says I, it was taken in the last election. I don't actually get pix of myself taken on my own that often, and those I do would certainly not be suitable...... So the only one I have to hand was taken a few months ago and taken out of a bigger pic with my pal Martin, but try as I might the Big Brother Blogger won't let me change it? (help Duncan!) In the mean time I will be trying to find a photographer who is able to make me look the age I am on camera, as well as being intimate with the internal workings of the Blogspot!

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