Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ming's Speech.............................................

The convenience of having an internet cafe right next to the conference hall has given me the opportunity to say a few words about Ming's speech before having to run off. I think it was much much better than last year, punchier, more confident and more inspiring. At one point (when he was talking about an injured soldier he had met) I confess I was dabbing my everyone will be waiting for the but........ I guess I have some little buts which I will return to when I get home, the biggest one is about how our messages will play outside. Rather like a big tent religious rally, we all feel buoyed up and inspired, in our little bubble everything is wonderful, but, we must remember we are talking to ourselves. On Monday I got the chance to ask Ming a question about what we are for and how we get that message across. His answer to what we are for was sound (Jeremy H observing that I looked enraptured and as if the scales had fallen from my eyes!) however, he didn't answer the second part of the question, without an answer to that we are in danger of taking two steps forward and one and a half back.

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