Monday, December 03, 2007

Exclusive(ish) - Vince Cable's Lib Dem Choice

Having gatecrashed the Nick Clegg bloggers bash, I was feeling rather an interloper, but nevertheless I was delighted to join fellow bloggers to interview Vince this evening.

It was an interesting experience, Vince has such an understated way of expressing himself. He has none of the exuberant passion of Nick Clegg (I can't comment on the interview with Chris Huhne since I wasn't there). However, he clearly thinks before he speaks, chooses his words carefully, articulates succinctly and creates an impression of a man who absolutely understands his brief.

He said an awful lot that I found fascinating - particularly some of his comments about Gordon Brown. No, he didn't accept the notion that Brown had a psychological flaw (in answer to a question from Paul Walter), it was, he felt, an intellectual flaw. For a man with a 1st, this is an intriguing analysis. But, Vince believes GB does not have the intellectual capacity to grasp the complexities of daily life. This is why a lot of his admittedly enlightened schemes have ultimately failed, for example tax credits.

It is past my bedtime again so I will return to other issues tomorrow..........

...........oh, the question you are all dying to hear the answer to, Vince's Lib Dem partner him if he makes it on to Strictly Come Dancing! Julia Goldsworthy, because as Vince says, not only is she a member of his Treasury Team, she is also really good!

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