Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Boris - Shining with Pride?

Last night I went with Yas to the Pride reception at City Hall. It was a lovely evening with good company, just a pity about Boris really. Now he clearly plays on his bumbling image, but frankly there are times when I think it is plain ignorant and disrespectful - last night was one of them. Friends of mine who attended the LGBT Mayoral hustings told me that he had apparently said something like "yes.....L...G...B....T er yes that's right isn't it? Er yes I'm all in favour of it!" Now he has had a little time since then to become a tad more well informed. Last night demonstrated that he hadn't, it was cringemakingly awful, patronising and frankly insulting to the extent that he even engendered some booing. There was no evidence that he had really prepared for the event (know your audience), especially when he started talking about the Pink List, then kept asking the signer next to him if it was the Pink List, if that what it was called etc. Apparently David Cameron thinks he will "shine" on Saturday, hmmmm, we will see!

Good to see Simon Hughes flying the Lib Dem flag, though he was clever enough to arrive after Boris had left!


The Burbler said...

It will be interesting to see how Boris compares against his fellow Pride platformists - Harriet Harman and Nick Clegg.

This is a great opportunity for Nick Clegg, I feel.

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