Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The giggling Chancellor?

This afternoon I got an excited telephone call from my daughter Lara. She was at her local petrol station in Flitwick and "Fifth Gear" had been asking people about the shocking price of petrol, reminding them it was all the government's fault - and giving everyone £2(?). She had been interviewed but was ringing me to apologise. "I just got so nervous Mum, when they started talking about the government I wanted to say something about you but I just giggled!" What she would have said about me she didn't know...........maybe, "what this country needs is my mum as Chancellor" or "if you vote to get my mum into Europe she'll sort them out", or "my mum said it would all end in tears if we went into Iraq" .................or maybe just "Hi mum!" Reminding me of the interview I did with the PM programme when I was the candidate in Luton North.
They had called to ask if they could do an interview..........I was puzzled, there was a lot of interest in Luton South at the time, but not Luton North. I asked if they had it right, yes, they say, we think Luton North could be a shock result, no one will be more shocked than me says I! In the event they arrived on the day Simon Hughes was in town, catching some typically sage words from him.....then on to me. Hmmmm, did they broadcast my wise words about the world the universe and everything? Er...........no. What they broadcast was me giggling. The only saving grace was that an old friend who I hadn't seen for years heard it contacted me. "I heard the giggle and I knew it was you!" says he.
So, we will all be watching agog in August to see if we can spot Lara (see pic) following in her mum's footsteps.......

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