Saturday, July 05, 2008

Feeling Sorry for Bojo

OK, there goes me street cred (if I ever had any, tho I did get asked by our illustrious leader the other day if I worried about such things at my age!).......but I found myself feeling a little sorry for Boris today. This, it has to be said, having previously posted that the best outcome of a Boris win would be that it would probably have the unintended consequence of undermining the notion that the Tories could govern. I suppose my unexpected feelings spring from an appreciation of how being well meaning can sometimes end one up in the soup.

Boris's decision to appoint Ray Lewis as one of his deputies I saw at the time as a sound move and if nothing else I was delighted that he had recognised that a youth worker rather than a police officer could offer more in the fight against youth crime. So far from crowing I am rather disappointed that he hasn't had an opportunity to even begin to get to grips with a serious problem that is destroying lives on almost a daily basis. This is not to condone any wrong doing if it is proved, or to excuse Boris for his lack of judgement, but to put what has happened (in which as far as I know nobody died), in the context of the far more serious problem in which many young people are dying and families (of victims and perpetrators) are being devastated. Do we want to take the risk of involving those who may have answers but don't tick all the boxes, or maintain the status quo with those who tick all the boxes but never get beyond the questions? This morning we have heard the news that Martin McGuinness and Lord Alderdice are going to Iraq to try and help them move forward in building a peaceful and cohesive future for that country. I don't hear anyone disqualifying Martin McGuinness from that vital task because of his past? I know I am venturing into dangerous waters, we expect our public servants to be beyond reproach, but sometimes they don't have the answers for that very reason. Frankly if we want to resolve any problem we surely have to involve those who understand, are affected by, or part of the problem. Anything less will lead us back into the vicious circle, the blind allies, the mealymouthed words that have failed to even come close to changing things.

So, the wheels may be falling off early in the Boris Mayoralty. Frankly he is a colourful character but has not to me demonstrated any of the attributes necessary in a leader. As I observed on Tuesday, he appears to spend no time at all preparing for anything and flies by the seat of his pants. He talks the talk but I fear we will discover he is incapable of walking the walk. He makes the perfect maverick MP, entertaining writer, Have I Got News for You chair.............but Mayor of one of the greatest cities on Earth? Er.........don't think so. He may be well meaning, which is why I find myself in this peculiar place of feeling sorry for him this morning - but as the saying goes the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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