Monday, July 07, 2008

Yes, I really am this shallow!

Do you suppose inanimate objects have a sense of humour? I ask this for a very good reason. Last week I discovered I had lost my beautiful pink sandals. I had only worn them a couple of times so I was a bit miffed and retraced my steps mentally as to where they may be. I decided, through a process of elimination, that I must have left them on the 6.55 on my way back to Bedford. I called lost property - but no sign..............then, at the weekend I found them! They had crawled under a pile of washing waiting to be ironed (I know it isn't one of my strong points!). I was delighted to be reunited and celebrated by wearing them, despite the pouring rain, yesterday.

Today, I again decided, despite the pouring rain, to continue the celebration. Given my half hour trek to the train station I wore an old pair of flatties and put my dear sandals in a little bag. I put the bag next to my handbag to remind me to pick it up. Did I remember?! So, my theory is, the little devils had a mind of their own and decided it would be rather fun to really get lost......

.......OK, shallow I know, but if anyone finds them, please send them home :-(

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