Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Dreyfus affair..............a boring update

A few people have been asking for an update re the Dreyfus affair. Well, I have to confess I am reviewing my previous scepticism about whether or not he was working for the security services. This having chatted to someone for whom I have enormous respect and who has some professional insight.

However, I have now spent almost a whole day with the Metropolitan Police, giving a statement and trailing through hours of CCTV/video, a key section missing. I also saw stills that I have to suspect have been tampered with. I don't think I can say any more about the matter except to express alarm that this man has not been suspended from a role which by all accounts is a sensitive one. This frankly makes me more not less suspicious.

This case is being investigated as part of the overall investigation into the George Bush STWC demo, an irritation for the police apparently. Let us see what the outcome is, but I for one am not holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

Galloway claims he was stood next to him for half an hour.
He must figure on the video somehere.

Anonymous said...

Actually Linda, you're saying that you couldn't identify Dreyfus,aren't you.

Linda Jack said...

Let's just say there was a 20 min break in the police video tape at what could have been seen as a significant time


Anonymous said...

So you didn't see Dreyfus.
Theres loads of photos of Galloway,but none of Dreyfus, yet he was stood next to him for half an hour.

Linda Jack said...

no I am not saying I didn't see him at all just that there is a crucial gap. I cant speak for George.

Anonymous said...

So you saw him then, and identified him.

Frederick Hoveman said...


Is this all put to bed now? No other media outlet followed up the story, nobody has seen any evidence that puts the officer in question at the scene, the police reckon there is no case to answer.

Can we all agree now that from start to finish the story was bullshit?

Anonymous said...

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