Sunday, July 20, 2008

That Nick Clegg - what a hoot!

Drawing to the parliamentary end of term, Nick Clegg has attracted a little criticism in some quarters for appearing not to have a sense of humour. He has dealt with PMQs extremely competently but with little of the dazzling humour employed by his stand in predecessor Vince Cable. Although it has to be said, I heard one parliamentarian the other day declaring that he thought Nick was our best leader in a generation when it came to dealing with PMQs.

That said, I have to say I have been disappointed that Nick's sense of humour hasn't as yet really emerged, I am hoping that next term, perhaps when he can relax a bit about the ordeal that is midday on a Wednesday, his real character can emerge. I have always found him to be great fun and very witty. One example was when we travelled back from Birmingham together. I had been chatting away (out of character I know !) about this and that when Nick went off to buy coffee. He asked me if I wanted sugar, my reply was to say no, "Thank God for that" says he "we would have been on to story 143!"

So it was great to read this story from Black Dog in the Mail -
"Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is no fan of David Cameron's favourite new political book, Nudge, by Richard Thaler, which says human behaviour is best changed by small nudges not heavy-handed laws.
'Thaler says if you draw a fly in the centre of a gents' urinal, men will aim more accurately,' said Clegg.
'Cameron has drawn the fly on the floor.' "

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Prof Paul Reynolds said...

Well I suppose it is difficult for Nick Clegg to shine as a wit and general funnyman, given that our revered current PM is effective at having us all in stitches with his renowned rib ticklers.