Sunday, July 20, 2008

Making it Happen?

Having had one of my manic few days my only response so far to Making it Happen could have been interpreted as a negative one. In fact that is not the case at all, my concerns were predominantly about one aspect of it and the marketing of that aspect, namely cutting tax.

So, what do I think of Making it Happen in the round? A few weeks ago we had a detailed look at the draft at an FPC awayday. I elicited some amusement by saying how excited I was about it as a document. But I was excited then and I am excited now. Overall it begins to tell the story which so many have been crying out for. It connects with our values and has a genuine thread running through it which is about making life better for so many in our country who struggle financially, but also in terms of being heard when they come into contact with the state; who are fearful but feel powerless to change anything; who share our values, but don't see those values reflected in any of the other major parties.

There are elements of the detail I personally would want to change, but overall I think it has a fresh, intelligent and forward thinking feel. On many issues it puts clear blue water between us and the other two Tory parties and articulates beautifully what that looks like. Anyone who asks "what are the Lib Dems for?" would be hard pressed not to be able to find an answer in these pages.

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