Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Chris Huhne - SHAME ON YOU!

Apologies in advance - I AM VERY ANGRY!!!!!!!!!

One of the fears expressed elsewhere about Chris Huhne becoming leader has been about him being seen as a divisive candidate. Up until now I wasn't sure that was a fair criticism (and believe me, if I had thought it was I would have said so by now!) so imagine how horrified I was to read the comments made by Chris Clarke in his support for Chris Huhne. I quote from Chris Huhne's official website

"I've listened to the campaigns so far and my mind is now made up:
"One candidate seems to want the Liberal Democrats to be another Tory party when most people in Britain don't want the one there is already. I don't want a Leader demonising young people by going on and on about ASBOs or raising the temperature on immigration".

So, this was not some random blogger, or disaffected member who Mr H could easily distance himself from, this was a supporter, published on his own website, hence having his blessing - shame on him. This smacks of a man who knows he is on the ropes and will do anything to save his bacon (forgive the mixed metaphor!)

OK - let's deal with this shall we.

There is no way I would EVER support a Tory, there is no way many of our leading progressive parliamentarians, WHO SUPPORT CHRIS HUHNE? NO, NICK CLEGG - would EVER support a Tory - so Mr Clarke - what evidence are you pointing to to suggest this is the case?

This is the issue I am really fizzing about! How dare this so called Liberal Democrat peddle such lies? If he has to resort to publishing this crap Huhne is clearly out of it. One of the main reasons I am backing Nick is because he is a LIBERAL and the reason I know that is because I had the privilege of working with him on the Crime Working Group. I have never heard anyone apart from Simon Hughes speak so passionately about young people and the way we criminalise them through the use ASBOs so for Clarke to try and infer the complete opposite is an outrage.

Well I guess if you are the kind of person to peddle garbage why not include immigration? What is he on about? How dare he? What planet is he living on if he thinks we should just say nothing about immigration at all and how has what Nick said, raised the temperature, except perhaps amongst the racists and bigots who don't like immigrants full stop - ah maybe now I get the picture. Infact, maybe that is why when I bumped into Yasmin Alibi Brown on the tube the other day she was singing the praises of Nick as being the only senior politician speaking up for refugees.

I hope this is the first and last time Chris Huhne sinks so low, if not the damage he will do to the party may end up being irreparable.


Toby Philpott said...

I completely agree with you. I got a phone call from the Huhne Campaign yesterday (told them they should read my blog).

I had already warned them that their campaign was getting overtly negative and that Chris wasn't helping himself by the less than subtle digs at Nick.

This idiocy from Chris Clarke is unbelievable. I too can't decide if it is desperation or stupidity on the part of those surrounding Huhne.

A real act of lHuhneacy.

Anonymous said...

This means that Chris Huhne is really desperate. He must know that such destructive campaign risks to alienate many potential supporters, so he isn't doing himself any favour by publishing such endorsements on his site.

Anonymous said...

I see the website has now been altered with a mea culpa from Anna Werrin, and quite right too.

However coming from the blogger that published a link to a wholly unjustified newspaper attack on Huhne just a few days ago this post has the smack of the kettle about it.