Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Midland Mainline.........Blackberries and Pancakes

Yesterday I got up very early (for me) because I had an early meeting at work and being an unreconstructed Mum, knowing I was unlikely to return home much before midnight, felt I ought to play my part in ensuring my son didn't eat junk food for the second night running...........So, before leaving to catch the 7.53 I prepared a curry sauce which my unreconstructed 18 year old had only to tip the prawns into and cook the rice to have a good healthy dinner.

On the platform I met someone, who, for obvious reasons will sadly remain nameless. He told me a sorry tale - he had inexplicably dropped his Blackberry in the don't ask me what he was doing taking the Blackberry into the loo with him.........but he did, so let that be a lesson to us all. The Blackberry clearly has an inbuilt survival mechanism because as it hit the water it went into vibrating mode, spinning around the "bowl". This meant that my pal couldn't retrieve it for around 10 minutes......clearly his mother was slightly concerned about what on earth was going on up in the bathroom! Apparently when he reported the accident to his workplace, explaining he had "spilt coke" on it, they enquired, "what sort of coke?" said he........

So, back to the curry sauce........and tho I say it myself my curry sauce is to die for....I arrived for the FPC meeting in the hallowed halls of Committee Room 18. You know that moment, that moment just before a meeting is about to start when an unearthly hush descends? Well, that happened just as I was in the middle of taking a call from my darling son telling me that Jez, who shares our house, had chucked the curry sauce away, thinking it was leftovers! WHAT?!!! Its OK, says he, I've ordered........ Much sympathy, but all I could think about was the fact that I could have had another 20 minutes in bed and my son was back on the Doner kebabs!

And so to the pancakes. Having arranged to meet Simon H after FPC he kindly treated me to supper, including pancakes (I didn't realise it was Shrove Tuesday), I convinced myself this was OK as tomorrow it would be Lent and I could return to my intermittent diet. But, quelle surprise! This evening, I arrive home at 10.30 to find my dear son has been cooking........pancakes! How could I resist?

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