Tuesday, February 27, 2007


My evening started at an IPPR event where our Nick Clegg delivered an excellent speech on Justice and Liberty. I took a pic and if anyone can remind me how to get it from my camera onto a card I will post it. More about his speech later as I am far too tired to decipher my notes at this time of night and I still have to pack for a jaunt over to Northern Ireland tomorrow..........oh this jetset life!!!

I got back to Bedford in time to catch the end of a meeting about young people's services held at our local Fire Service HQ. I came in as a representative from the Youth Service was speaking. Now, for many years I had to kind of bite my tongue as a Youth Worker/Manager in Bedfordshire. It didn't go down too well that I was a Lib Dem councillor when I had a Tory employer. So who can blame me if I took the opportunity to vent my spleen............? The chair, Cllr Margaret Davey, erstwhile Tory but now leading light in our mayor's Better Bedford Party, took exception. She accused me of being too political for having a pop at the Tories (who frankly decimated the Youth Service) and Labour (who talk the talk but have never ever walked the walk). OK......point taken. If you are a local politician...........you really should never ever be political. Good job I am on the way out on May 3rd!

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