Monday, February 05, 2007

Phew...........will I make it to the end of the week?!

This week is one of those weeks which I know will be amazing, but also one for which my organisational skills will be stretched to the limits. After a hard day at work today , full council budget this evening, tomorrow I am heading off to Brussels with members of the IRC to meet up with some of our MEPs.........actually I'm only going for the chocolate, but don't tell them that! On Wednesday I travel back in the afternoon to attend a Film Festival at IMAX for the young people's charity Fairbridge. Heaven knows what time I will get back to dear old Bedford, but Thursday I am off to Belfast, flying back to Leeds in the evening for a meeting with the DWP in York the following day...........................then on to Peterborough for a training weekend for women candidates, where I have to take an outfit I would wear to a selection interview......well there's a challenge! Will it be the shocking pink boots? I'm only saying all this to make you feel sorry for me/or impressed that I lead such a jetset life! Actually its not usually as manic as this and its partly my fault for thinking I could fit everything in........but there is one blogging for a wee while.........

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