Friday, February 02, 2007

………….on politics…………racism in Israeli football……..and Camden

My attempts at a political detox are failing miserably. Last night I went to the launch of the Kick Racism out of Israeli Football campaign. It was held in the plush surroundings of the Clifford Chance offices in Canary Wharf, so easy enough for me to pop in on the way home from work and also devour the delicious, but gnat size “canapés” (you know the sort where you really need to stuff at least half a dozen into your mouth to taste anything, but you are far too ladylike to do so……usually). After watching a disturbing film of Israeli football supporters chanting “Death to the Arabs” and being reminded of what it used to be like on the terraces not so many years ago, the legendary John Barnes spoke passionately and powerfully about both his experiences as a player and the role football can have in building bridges. But he reminded us that just because the kind of racist chanting and banana throwing he had experienced had largely been tackled, it didn’t mean we should give up the fight against the racism which still exists in our society. I am pleased to see this initiative being developed and I hope it will have some impact, but sadly racism is reinforced within the Israeli state by law and that also has to change. I will return to this subject later.

Anyway, I met some interesting people, mainly Jews who assumed I was Jewish…..”but I think we have something else in common? A shared heritage?”……., no my heritage is Irish and Spanish Catholic, Scottish, English and German Protestant……… But it happened several times, so maybe………..who knows.

Then on to the Duck and Goose or somesuch pub in Camden to hook up with Yas who has just returned from a trip to Pakistan for the opening of their National Theatre. I didn't bring up the subject of politics, honest, strangely enough it was that Grundian journalist who will remain nameless who had told Yas all politicians were boring coz all they chatted about was how's that for irony?! It was a late now I'm off for my beauty sleep as back to Camden tomorrow for FPC manifesto day........more later. More later too about tonight's CND meeting in Bedford, when I bravely didn't attempt to defend our current position on Trident..........................

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