Saturday, February 24, 2007

Families............who'd 'av 'em!

I am just back from my Dad's 78th birthday lunch. Not everyone could make it, but it was very nice, even if we had to wait over an hour for our food! My Dad thought it was hilarious that he had spent most of the day believing it was his 77th birthday, I didn't think that was much of a problem, better 77 than 79! But, it hits home how that thief of time ultimately robs all of us of our health, our faculties et al.

My Dad has always been the cleverest man I know and to see him suffering the effects of ageing is quite painful. He had what the doctors think may have been a mini stroke in the summer and since then he hasn't ever been quite the same. He no longer reads (something he has always done veraciously, I have lost count for example how many times he has read Pepys and all Churchill's works), he has false memories, particularly of the time when he was in hospital in the summer when he is still convinced his food was served up in glass tubes and that his sister was writing to the hospital regularly to let them know what his heartbeat was! But the upside is, that, having been a manic depressive since I can remember, he now seems to be far more outgoing. Today he was talking about taking a trip out to Paddington (where he was born) and visiting all his old haunts, something he would never have done before. We were also discussing student debt and how abhorrent it was that students were having to pay for their education, he looked a little wistful, he was one of those working class lads who in his day made the grade to be able to go to university but whose family couldn't afford to send him.

During the meal the family were discussing my daughter Lara, how she is old beyond her years and everyone seems to look to her to resolve problems. My mum commented on how beautiful she was too. I agree, (of course I'm her mum) recounting the story of when she had visited my office just before Christmas and someone had commented on how lovely she was. I had retorted that no one ever says "she must get it from her mum!" To which my darling mum replied "Well you have other qualities dear." As I said.......families, who'd 'av 'em!


Anonymous said...

It's a lovely photo of your daughter.

Disgruntled Radical said...

Of course, she gets it from her mum !