Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jacqui Smith.......the political equivalent of a Dalek

I don't know why the news this morning that Jacqui Smith is banging on with ID Card plans, with the same old sterile arguments, made me think of a Dalek. OK she isn't exactly telling us all that she will exterminate, but she is using the same repetitive technique "we will have ID Cards, we will have ID Cards". It appears it doesn't matter what the evidence against ID Cards, she continues the mantra. So I was amused when I was looking for a nice pic of a Dalek and I found this Ad:

EXTERMINATE ALL INTRUDERS- Dalek Sec is ready to protect your bedroom. A full size re-inforced cardboard cut out of Dalek Sec - ready for action ! * Please note a one off £5.00 surcharge will be charged to your payment card due to the additional postage

A metaphor for the ID Card?!

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