Friday, March 14, 2008

We are happy for you to fight our wars, but don't expect us to look after you when you get home.

I received an email today bemoaning the fact that the "useless excuses politicians" were doing so little for wounded servicemen and women. So please show them that some politicians and political activists do care about the scandalous way our forces personnel continue to be treated and sign the petition - details below.

Denzil Connick, secretary of the South Atlantic Medal Association, has organised a petition to the prime minister for better care for wounded soldiers. The link is here. Denzil, was seriously wounded while serving with The Third Battalion of The Parachute Regiment in the Falklands and is still being treated for his injuries. He is due to go into hospital in the next week or two for yet another major operation. Many of the youngsters serving today in places like Iraq and Afghanistan - along with those already wounded - will, like Denzil, face years of pain and treatment. This is your chance to do something to try to help them and it will only take a couple of minutes of your time. One of Denzil's sons has already served in Iraq twice and is on yet another tour of duty in Afghanistan. His other son is a submariner. Denzil has asked for this message to be passed to as many people as possible and urges you to sign - and to get others to sign as well. So please sign and then pass on the link to those you feel should know.

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