Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Well Done David Heath and Tim Farron

It could have all been so different........a free vote? The outcome would have been the same. But, frankly it has been a bit of a cockup, however, a cockup that Nick Clegg can and will ride out. Primarily because none of us have all our eggs in the European basket and he has much to say about issues that impact upon our society far more than Europe. And secondly because this has demonstrated the maturity of our party. Both David Heath and Tim Farron did us proud this evening. This was a single issue on which they felt their loyalty to their constituents and their consciences came before their loyalty to their leader. They both made it abundantly clear that their resignations were on the basis of that one issue and that in every other respect they supported Nick. Can it be said of many other high profile resignations in the other parties (with the possible exception of Robin Cook), that they went with equal dignity and decorum? Bitterness and bile may be a fairer assessment.

So, regardless of what the press may want to read into the shenanigins of today, there is no "split" in the party. There is a divergence of views,on a single issue, this is quite different.

Of course, I still think this demonstrates the folly of stepping away from party policy and making it up on the hoof. Be sure, it will come back and bite you in the bottom!

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