Monday, March 17, 2008

When £24,000,000 just ain't enough

There are days when the divide between rich and poor are highlighted rather as in the biblical story of Lazarus (a poor beggar) and the rich man (who ignored him). Today is one such day. Heather Mills, bleating about only getting £24 million in her divorce settlement, clearly distraught at how she will manage. What planet does she inhabit? I am sorry, but frankly if the most important thing in her life is her finances I feel really sorry for her. There are many many single mothers in this country who would consider themselves lucky if they had 1% of that kind of money to support their children. Heather dear, get a life, grow up and perhaps redeem yourself somewhat by giving maybe 1% of what you have been awarded to a charity like Gingerbread/One Parent Families. Or would that leave you a bit short?

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