Monday, March 24, 2008

Patricia Hewitt - a nice little earner

At a time when the credibility and the integrity of politicians is under enormous scrutiny in relation to feathering their own nests, I personally abhor anyone of any party who behaves in a way which further undermines that credibility and integrity. So the news this morning that Patricia Hewitt has taken on a role as a non exec director of BT, pocketing herself an additional £60,000 in the process wound me up a tad. It is not just the cosy relationship between senior politicians and big business and the suspicion that they may be feathering their future nest by being "helpful" as ministers, it is also the notion that the role of an MP is one that can be combined with another job, particularly one in a major private company.

So, I wonder what Patricia will stop doing that she is doing now in order to make herself available to BT? I wonder how available she will be to her constituents? I wonder when, if she has to choose between the interests of BT and her constituents where her loyalties will lie? I note that her website has a section "Working Hard for You" I trust that will soon have an entry explaining how her paid position for BT is working hard for her constituents. If she has time to spare I would suggest she would be better employed joining the board of a local charity and offering her experience and expertise to them.

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