Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shout out for new bloggers?

I am always pleased to see new women entering the blogosphere and happened upon Helen Duffett's new blog this afternoon. But it is also really good to see others (for example Paul Walter's mini me Alasdair Wood - heavens how can you manage 86 posts in one month and no leadership election?!) dipping their toes in the water, well in Alasdair's case jumping in at the deep end!

The only problem is keeping up with all the newcomers, so I wondered Stephen Tall et al, whether it would be possible to have a little shout out for all the new bloggers at the end of the Golden Dozen each week?

Just a thought.

Oh and by the way as I have already been told he was unrecognisable.........the blurry pic was a guy called Trev, good pal of Ken, dancing with me so he didn't have to dance with a certain Tory shadow famous for her shoes!


Alix said...

"Paul Walter's mini me Alasdair Wood"

It's not often I allow myself the indulgence of writing "LOL" but I think this might be one of those times. And couldn't have happened to two nicer clones!


Helen Duffett said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Linda.

Good idea about the shout out on Lib Dem Voice.

If Stephen's reading this, may I venture a name?

"New kids on the blog"


Susan said...

It could just have been me not seeing who he was in the photo! :-)

Linda Jack said...

Alix - yes scary isn't it?!
Helen - great idea for a title!
Susan - Trev the Rev (which is what we used to call him, but don't tell him.........)doesn't he just wear ties to die for?! To think he was President of NUS when I was knee high to a grasshopper and President of my own SU, he has certainly worn a good deal better than me.......:-(

Alasdair W said...

"Paul Walter's mini me Alasdair Wood"?! Can you tell me if that's supposed to be a good thing?

Linda Jack said... is really really a good thing! But you should remember that some of us spend our lives running to keep up with you!!!!!


Stephen Tall said...

It's a good suggestion ref 'New Kids on the Blog'. We do occasionally highlight new ones, though it's hard to keep pace at the moment!

Don't forget, the weekly Golden Dozen feature is open to any Lib Dem Voice reader to (self-)nominate a Lib Dem blog post. So if I haven't picked your blog, drop me an email at and let me know about it.

cheers, stephen