Friday, March 14, 2008

When your feet don't touch the ground!

Well, it has been that kind of a week for me, the frustration that it came after a fascinating Spring Conference with me as you may imagine having quite a lot to say, not least about Gaza, Nick's speech and David Law's question time.

It was the first time my children (Ravi 19 and Lara 21) and grandchild (Sumaiyah 1) had attended conference. Lara had her appetite whetted after she attended the Nick/Chris hustings in Cambridge last year, followed by a Gender Balance inspiration day.........which clearly did what it said on the tin! She managed to persuade her brother to come too and both thoroughly enjoyed themselves, the highlight for both of them being Nick's speech. Although, it has to be said, Lara thought he should have slagged off the other parties a little less!

So, having got home Sunday evening I then headed off to Edinburgh the following day. I did write a couple of posts on my Blackberry, but sadly someone assassinated it on Tuesday died a terrible death, taking my posts with it! So, when I eventually get home I may get round to shouting the odds about a few this space!

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Anonymous said...

I am still having difficulties. My feet refuse to touch the ground. Still floating in the zero gravity. I tried to land. Found my self in the mirror image world. And took off again. I hope this time it is not the virtual reality but the real world where we talk in face to face, far away from the virtual reality.