Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nick Clegg...........a dollop of dissent is good for you!

Nothing wrong with a bit of dissent, that's what I think - the political equivalent of having your ears syringed!

So, whilst I think the party was misguided in the opposition to a referendum on Lisbon (which I have already banged on about at great length), I for one am not getting my knickers in a twist over the front bench resignations. Nick and some of his frontbenchers didn't agree, get over it. He will look the stronger for having stuck to his guns, they will look the stronger for having stuck to theirs. There was always an element of playing to the gallery in all of this. Everyone just has to hold their nerve and get back to business as usual. As it turns out, even if the whole of our parliamentary party had voted in favour of a referendum it would still have been lost. So, I personally think we missed a trick, but then who am I? The really serious issue now is ensuring Mr Blair doesn't end up as European President!

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