Friday, May 02, 2008

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster...........

Well, maybe not quite either, but it does seem it is going to be a mixed night for us. Given that this is the first year in living memory (well my living memory since I came to Bedford 17 years ago!) that we haven't had an election here, it has been interesting for me to have the luxury of getting out into the region.

One thing I have learned is that you don't get flogged quite so hard in other areas as wot u do in Bedford! Our taskmasters have us up at 5am with not so much as a bowl of I was relieved to learn that I didn't need to get to St Albans until 7.30. This worked well, as it broke my journey to Southend, where I learned they do not have to knock up until 2 minutes before the close of poll!

I am disappointed that we didn't make any gains in Brentwood.They have a young and enthusiastic team and deserve to do well. I am convinced they will do so in the future. But thrilled to hear the news from Southend, winning 2 seats in spite of their laid back approach to knocking up til close of poll.......(only teasing!)

So now anxiously waiting to see what happens elsewhere across the region.

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Susan said...

And we still won in St Albans where I was called to mid afternoon as there was a chance of taking control! A chance that we delivered!