Friday, May 02, 2008

A painful reminder - the ghost of Tories past.......

Its funny isn't it, how defeat can often lead to a modicum of humility. I hate to admit it, but I had been lulled into a false sense of security. Michael Portillo, almost rehabilitated. William Hague, quite a cheeky chappy. Even Michael Howard's irritating tones had stopped having quite the same cringe effect on me.

And there have been times over the last 11 years when I have surprisingly found myself applauding various Tories as they tore into Labour, over Iraq in particular. That nice Mr Clarke and sharp Mr Rifkind.

But today has brought back all those horrid memories of 18 years of Tory rule. The arrogance, pomposity, sneering of a political class who generally believe they are the rightful heirs to the ruling classes and we serfs should know our place. OK, they have learned some lessons from Mr Blair about packaging and spin - but scratch the surface and underneath are the same attitudes that have always permeated the party. A little of the gilding came off today. To be honest they remind me of those Dr Whoish creatures who, having successfully masqueraded as normal human beings and infiltrated human society, suddenly metamorphosises into have been warned!

Nick Clegg talked today of the problem of the Labour Party having lost touch with their values. With the Tories I wonder if it is not that they have lost touch with their core values, but they have developed a rather cunning technique to hide them from the naked eye? Rather as the BNP candidate on the radio today who admitted he had won his seat by promising nothing and with no declared policies (except "grown up politics" ah yes, the BNP are very good at that!) the Tories are relying on the same wheeze. By suddenly discovering their concern for the poor and their opposition to the cut in the 10p rate, with NO PROMISE to replace it, they have pulled the wool over countless thousands of eyes. Unable at this stage to say whether or how they would replace it, they are more than happy to say whether or how they would cut inheritance tax - funny that.

Funny, I had forgotten just how much I loathe the Tories, looks like the country did too.


Tristan said...

The thing is, its not just the Tories who are like that.
The political class problem affects Labour, it even affects the LibDems (although with less chance of power nationally it is less of a problem on that level, I'm sure it occurs at the local level though).

Anonymous said...

There's been no Tory pomposity. We had a few drinks Friday night and are naturally pleased and relieved to be in in London for the first time since 1981.

If you want crass pomposity and arrogance just read the Guardian or Steve Richards in the Indy, full of how the voters are morons not voting the right way.

Sorry but this all smacks of sour grapes.