Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is Cameron in the wrong party?

A couple of years ago when Cameron started describing himself as a liberal, my immediate thought was, so what are you doing in the Tories then mate? At the time much was made of his invitation to some of our, shall we say, more right wing front benchers, to come and join his expanding tent. Maybe now is the time for Nick Clegg to make a similar approach the other way?

The news (hat tip to Darrell) this week that he has for the fourth time voted with the minority of his party perhaps is an indication that eventually (perhaps when he has to actually get some policies down on paper) there are likely to surface some real tensions between him and the mainstream. At the moment we are all distracted with the car crash that is the Brown government, but as some point the Tories will have to say what it is they stand for - and my hunch is - liberalism it ain't!


jane said...


How do you feel about the move to replace the female PPC for Henley with a male?

Linda Jack said...


I missed this yesterday - thanks for alerting me. I feel a blog coming on!


Darrell G said...

Thanks for the hat tip :)....

Alasdair W said...

I don't understand this concept of Liberal Conservatism. It's simply impossible, they are two contradictorary (I really can't spell) terms. There is certainly nothing liberal about the tories.
Go on tell us who you think the slightly right-winged front benchers are!