Saturday, May 03, 2008

London..........where did we go wrong?

So what has gone wrong in London for us? The results do not paint a pretty picture. Brian's vote squeezed to 9.63% and a poor 11.22% in the assembly resulting in a loss of 2 seats. In a city that should be instinctively liberal, should we not have expected to do better here than the rest of the country? It is not as if we don't have a strong presence both in inner and outer London. I trust someone will do some analysis, we need to fully understand what went wrong if we are not to find ourselves totally left out in the cold again next time.

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Millennium Dome said...

Here is a STRANGE mathematical fact! I thought that I had worked out that Mr Brian got 9.8% based on the results read out… and in fact HE HAD!

Mr Brian got 9.8% of the votes that COUNTED – but there were also 41 thousand spoiled ballots and 13 thousand blank ones!

Rather ODDLY, the London elects website figures that you quote (9.63%) is the percentage of all the valid votes PLUS all the spoiled papers BUT NOT adding in the blank ones. Which seems a rather odd way to go about working things out… I mean why INCLUDE one lot of votes that don’t actually count for anyone and EXCLUDE another lot? It seems inconsistent.

So I’m going to stick to 9.8% if that is all right

MM xx