Sunday, May 11, 2008

Obama on Israel

An interesting piece on Obama's website on Israel's 60th Anniversary, not much mention of occupation or the plight of the Palestinian's who were and continue to be, dispossessed. Does not bode well for a change in US policy post Bush.

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Jonny Wright said...

" ... But standing with Israel also requires America to do everything it can to reduce and ease the conflict with the Arab neighbors. To do any less would be to prevent Israel from achieving its full, extraordinary potential ...

"... the gift of an Israel at peace to pass on to the next generation of Israelis."

You can read too much into it if you're not careful. I don't think the article was supposed to be a roadmap for peace, and it's unfair to criticise it for not being something it didn't set out to be. I think Obama recognises that Israel's best hope for the future lies in achieving a fair and lasting peace; I can't see anything in his article to suggest otherwise.