Friday, May 30, 2008

Tony Blair - don't you just luv 'im?!

Well, you just couldn't make it up could you? This man is just such good entertainment value. The man who has conspired with others to lie and deceive, to engage in an illegal, immoral and unjust war, a man with so much blood on his hands you would think he would go and find a hole to crawl into..........................not a bit of it, he thinks he has the credentials to act as a catalyst for world peace.

His "Faith Foundation" launched today in New York is his contribution to bringing the world's religions together. I don't object to the idea particularly, but I am dumbstruck that the man doesn't seem to see the irony? Perhaps such a initiative headed up by someone like Martin Luther King or Ghandi or Mother Teresa may have had some integrity - but a war criminal? A man who has been a major contributer to fuelling discontent and disaffection in much of the Muslim world? As I commented when he got his Middle East envoy job, it's like putting Osama bin Laden in charge of airport security.

Perhaps if his attempts at promoting religious unity and world peace were accompanied with a smidgen of humility and a dollop of remorse they would strike more of a chord. As it is..............


Anonymous said...

You say:

"The man who has conspired with others to lie and deceive, to engage in an illegal, immoral and unjust war ..."

You "liberals" need to get your thinking straight. NO-ONE - not even Blair - is guilty of anything until and unless they have been tried and found guilty.

I am SICK of these LIES propagated as fact. In this, such as you are as guilty as the liberal press.

Whatever happened to the word "allegedly"? You KNOW nothing about the legality or otherwise. Obviously.

Linda Jack said...

No, not allegedly - have a look at Mick Smith's piece on the Downing Street memo:
The man blatently lied and deceived the country. Now, I would love it if he was tried and found guilty, but your argument is illogical. If I discover someone has lied to me, I don't have to take it to court to prove it do I? How many politicians who have been caught out lying before have had to be taken to court before they are declared a liar?! If he wants to take it to court with all the money he has made, so be it. I long for the day when he WILL be tried for war crimes - he is a disgrace to his country and more disappointingly - a disgrace to his ALLEGED faith! Maybe as an anonymous (no wonder) Blairophile you cannot face the facts of his lying, but you don't have to live with the consequences.

Meral Hussein Ece said...

Totally agree with your piece Linda. I found myself choking at the thought of this man with the blood of David Kelly, and untold thousands of Iraqi's on his hands, now lecturing us from the US where he has chosen to launch his 'faith foundation, that the UK & Europe are 'too secular' and 'without spiritual values, there is emptiness' He tells Time magazine that he want to spend the rest of his life raising money for his foundation. If you consider that his abiding legacy in the UK will be how he lied about weapons of mass destruction to invade Iraq,he propbably thinks his bible bashing fans in the US will give him a more kindly legacy.
I obviously misjudged him - I was under the impression he and his wife were out to make as many millions as possible for themselves....

Anonymous said...

I agree that Blair's choices have sullied his reputation in this country, and he admits his deceptions in various books published over recent years, so he certainly isn't the right person to front up such a well-meant cause.

However, he clearly has a lot of time on his hands and it would be folly for us poor sods to refuse to allow him to use what influence he has acquuired and retains for good purposes.

So, yes, Blair ought to show some humility in his involvement with peace efforts and refuse the seemingly inevitable Nobel Peace Prize if the mission is ever successful and it is ever offered to him. It would be a good first step if he realised that his job as a peace envoy is incompatible with the work he is promoting through his 'Faith Foundation', rather than viewing it as a self-glorifying by-product - it's not necessary (except to him) and it's not helpful (except to him and his cronies).