Monday, January 15, 2007

Are Lib Dems joining Labour to vote for John McDonnell?

I broke my new "don't talk about politics" rule again last night - have to confess. Meeting up with an old trade union pal, who is also a member of the local Labour party, I guess it would have been a recipe for sitting there in silence had I stuck to my guns! Anyway, it is always interesting to hear about what is happening in the local Labour camp and last night was no exception. What really caught my ear was to learn that an ex local Lib Dem supporter had now joined Labour in order to vote for John McDonnell in the forthcoming leadership contest. It appears anti-war campaigners are being encouraged to join for that sole purpose. I wonder if anyone else has heard anything similar?

I have to say I was very impressed with John McDonnell's speech in the Iraq debate in March 2003 - I remember it well as my pal Sharon was carried out of the public gallery for shouting down into the chamber "I absolutely agree with everything that gentleman has said, the British people don't believe your lies..........." at which point she was carried out and arrested, and I was threatened with the same if I didn't stop clapping so loudly! But my concern now is as it was then, if the anti-war Labour MPs had had the courage to resign the whip they may well have had far more impact. And if we do end up embroiled in an Iranian adventure - what will they do then? I'm all for staying and fighting for the party you love, but surely there has to come a time when you can no longer morally continue........or am I missing something?

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