Monday, January 01, 2007

Iain Dale.............who he?

Iain Dale........ah, now that name rings a bell.......wasn't he the Tory boy who got thoroughly trounced in the general by our Norman? Mmmm methinks the gentleman doth protest too much. I have to say I was rather amused on Saturday's the Week in Westminster to hear him boldly stating that we Lib Dems didn't know what our policies were (that's fine m'dear, but if you are going to make such a sweeping statement do at least attempt to provide some evidence) and then almost in the same breath admitting that the Tories didn't have any policies at all! And now he is apparently rubbing his hands with glee at three defections. Actually, so am I. If these three who(?)bodies are really Tories at heart, frankly we are better off without them. Anyone else feel the need to jump the fence? At this time of year pruning is quite healthy. This isn't to say I don't share some of the concerns about where we are going, but actually I do think our party is bigger than any one person and worth fighting for. Having been regularly approached by my two own pet Tory boys to defect, my response is always the same. Number one, it may be fun for five minutes but I couldn't see me lasting more than that before being chucked out; number two, imagine not having a party newspaper in which to debate and challenge; number three, imagine being part of a party where you have no say in party policy and are basically cannon fodder, and number four..........I'm old enough to remember the misery of Tory rule the last time. Leopards rarely change their spots, even if their smiles have been whitened.

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