Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Do the BBC want Nick Clegg for leader?

For the second time this week I have heard a BBC presenter mentioning Nick Clegg as our potential new leader. There is no doubt he is more of a match for Cameron, but I do tend to agree with others that to dive into another leadership election at this point would smack of panic. Far better then for Ming to let our stars twinkle a little more, to demonstrate that we have the talent within our party to be able to take on all comers. As for the adorable Nick, I do rate him as a true liberal, but maybe a tad too liberal when it comes to economic liberalism! He is proving to be a very effective shadow to Mr "There's no such thing as Civil Liberties" Reid, but if and when we do have the next leadership election it must certainly not be a one horse race.......and wouldn't it good to have a woman candidate too?

Anyway, back to work tomorrow so that will put paid to my musings for a while!

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