Sunday, January 28, 2007

What is Nick Harvey worried about?

I hear from David Grace that those of us interested in the Trident issue were likely to have great fun getting to the 3 simultaneous fringe meetings booked for 8 pm on the Friday of conference. The 3 are: Centre Forum : a presentation (in support of the current party line - well the one declared by Ming, supported by the FPC but still awaiting ratification by conference - coz allegedly in our party our members make policy) by Tim Garden and Nick Harvey; PCA: an open discussion with all viewpoints and some good speakers including Bruce Kent and the Bishop of Bath & Wells; and Liberal Democrats for Peace & Security, a discussion but with a distinct bias against the party line. Apparently PCA and David Grace tried to negotiate with Centre Forum either to have one big fringe or for the PCA discussion to be at 8 followed by Centre Forum Liberal Democrats for Peace & Security at 9.30. Centre couldn’t decide because they needed to ask Nick Harvey and they couldn’t get hold of him because... he was on a Trident submarine ! On Friday, on Nick’s advice, they refused to budge and insisted on having their own meeting at 8. PCA are going ahead which means the Liberal Democrats for Peace and Security meeting will now not take place until afterwards. This is now likely to be a rally and caucus to prepare for the debate the following day. The PCA meeting and the Centre Forum meeting are actually in neighbouring rooms with a partition that can be removed to make one meeting, but they won’t do it. So what exactly is Nick Harvey worried about???? Could it be that if delegates hear all the arguments they may not back the party line? Surely not.

Oh oh.........looks like a preemptive strike before the battle has even commenced! So much for trying to reach a consensus.......

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