Saturday, January 27, 2007

No New Trident - Support the Amendment

No New Trident has the full text of the draft motion on Trident for Spring Conference.

I reproduce below the proposed amendment. If you would like to support it please leave a message on the No New Trident site.

Liberal Democrat Spring Conference, Harrogate, 2nd-4th March 2007
Proposal for amendment to motion on Future of Britain’s Nuclear Deterrent

Insert in paragraph (v), after “... expertise and materials” at end:

“but believes that the UK’s best defence against such threats lies in strong alliances with other democratic states;”

Insert in paragraph (vi), after “... cease these programmes” at end:

“but notes that neither state poses a direct military threat to the UK;”

Insert in paragraph (vii), after “... neighbours and allies” at end:

“but also recognises that by replacing Trident the Uk could well encourage other states to see nuclear weapons as essential to their own security and status, thus increasing the danger of proliferation;”

Delete paragaph (viii) and all after “Conference therefore” and substitute:

“Conference further notes that:

1. the transfer of nuclear weapons design and components between the USA and UK would breach Article 1 of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty;

2. the UK’s dependence on US co-operation to maintain the Trident system has influenced UK governments to identify too closely with US policy and interests to the detriment of our position in Europe and beyond;

3. the money required for replacing Trident would be better spent on strengthening and equipping our conventional forces which serve the true defence needs of the UK.

Conference therefore resolves that the UK should not procure a successor nuclear weapons system to the current Trident system.”

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