Monday, January 22, 2007

Together we can cut crime............Ming Zingin'

This week looks like being yet another when I can hardly avoid chatting about politics. It started this morning with the press launch of our Crime Policy, continued this evening with a meeting with Lynne Featherstone to discuss the Middle East and will continue unabated all week - watch this space!!!
Unfortunately the launch clashed with the news coming out of Northern Ireland about Special Branch collusion, however, it was well attended and Ming spoke well. As is his want, when he is on familiar ground (in this case the law) he speaks with real authority and gravitas. My location in Canary Wharf meant that I was able to nip over to listen, which, having been involved in the working group I appreciated.
The press, as has been reflected in this BBC article, homed in on our approach to life meaning life; picked up what they saw as some dodgy figures and couldn't resist having a pop about our six parliamentary candidate defections (is it six now?) to the Tories. My view is "WHO ARE THEY????" its all very well jumping ship, but frankly to jump onto what is a cross between the Titanic and the Marie Celeste beggars belief! So we will wait to see what the overall verdict on our policy is...........although I am trying to figure out exactly what the role of conference is in all this - after all it is a policy paper for debate at Spring Conference, a policy paper I have been more than happy to put my name to, but, this yet again raises the question of how far we are drifting towards the Labour/Tory approach to policy making.

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