Sunday, January 28, 2007

Here's one for my pals - into doting granny mode!

Just to prove I do have a life which goes beyond sister in law just sent me this lovely pic of my daughter Lara and granddaughter Sumaiyah (who is named after the first Muslim martyr.....lets hope she follows after her in name only!) I have been struggling with sorting out pix in picasa etc and have reached the limits of my understanding....

Sumaiyah means little arrow, so I hope she will grow up to be just that, fighting for what is right. Her mother, who I have yet to persuade to join the Lib Dems, but whose partner attended Ming's reception last week, sets a good example. Leading her whole school out in protest at the Iraq war - and then speaking at the anti-war People's Assembly in Westminster Central Hall. So.....I have high hopes! Oh.......and by the way........I have drawn the line at being called Granny. I will be Archi - the Sinhalese for grandmother and a lot more ambiguous for those who do not speak Sinhalese!

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