Friday, January 26, 2007

New Look Muze..........reluctantly

Having left a comment about the Political Betting piece "Is Iraq going to swing many votes next time?" today, including a link to Paul Reynold's article, I got the following advice.............

Linda Jack @ 40 — it would be a damn sight easier to read if each line were not centred, and if the text were not pink on blue. This study found fuschia-on-blue to be the least readable combination:
Printing has been around for a while now. Look at a few books and you will find black-on-white remains a popular combination. People won’t buy unreadable books and they won’t read pain-inducing blogs.

Ooooh 'eck! So I have had to dispense with the glorious fuschia and replace with the boring it really more readable??! I must confess writing my blog in white on white is proving a challenge, but I can't be responsible for causing my poor longsuffering readers pain......sorry no one mentioned it before! I have to express my deep admiration for anyone who takes the trouble to research what is the least readable combination of colours and have a certain inverted pride in myself that I managed to find them by accident!

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Anonymous said...

I must say i am terribly proud my glamorous auntie linda can now add that she has found the perfect colour combination for her blog, to her list of talents.
She is no longer writing in pain inducing colours, which means we can all read on, very much enthused by the fact we are no longer hurting our eyes.
mary jack.