Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines............Yellow Roses...........and fanciable MPs

I suppose the problem with Valentine's day without a "significant other" is that it's a bit like Christmas when you've stopped believing in Santa..........All around you are men and women of all shapes, sizes, demeanours, people you would never in your wildest dreams put in the same room as a red rose, protectively carrying their (increasingly) enormous and elaborate bouquets, scurrying purposefully to their darlings. One feels a little like a child, face pressed up against the window, watching the party without an invitation..........oh heavens, shall I go hang myself now?!

But, who am I complain? I did get a Valentine's text from someone who will never be my Valentine, and Martin. Martin is the most wonderful and adorable human being you will ever meet in your life...only one slight problem (for us girlies)....pardon the cliche, but he is gay. Yep, wasn't it ever thus?????????! Anyway, dear Martin made everyone's day, he arrived in the afternoon with a huge bunch of yellow roses which he presented to all us single women who were unlikely to get so much as a dandelion on this day of days. One young woman, who Martin suspected had a partner, tried to get a rose "I thought you had a boyfriend?" says M, "Yes" says A, "Well you can b***er off then!" says M! A goes and looks up the meaning of a yellow rose and informs us all it means jealousy.........but also that's OK then. And of course, now there is only one problem, the presence of a yellow rose on our desks............yeah.....

One person I didn't get a Valentine message from was our esteemed Speaker, Cllr Andrew McConnell. That's Cllr Andrew McConnell, renowned Toryboy and erstwhile dirty stop out! (sorry had to get that in).

So it was comforting to hear that one of our most fanciable MPs Lynne Featherstone also received no Valentines........and I am left wondering if their is something promising in the fact that proportionally we had 20% of the vote even if we only have less than 10% of the MPs and .000001% of the media, punching above our weight here methinks???

Now, having declined an invitation from Yas to go to a luvvy do in Hoxton, I returned home to find that my darling son had cooked...........for his girlfriend. But that was excuse enough to crack open the Moet Martin gave me for Christmas and tuck into the chocolate truffles.

PS: Sorry about the black (not my colour as I discovered on Saturday) but can anyone tell me why I can't change my font colour to brown anymore????!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Well gorgeous Linda...thanks for the compliments... I have to say that if any female was to turn me to the dark side it would be little young you - you cheeky little minx. Darth Vader and his dark forces have nothing on you and your ability to make me ponder the possible wonders of a Valentine's date with a female.

Never mind your gay Tory Boy following - stick with me "luv". (I know you like that term of affection - esp when given by men who obviously have a lot to learn about equality...but that's a whole other story and a blog in itself.) I even get the right colour rose for you my little fellow lib demer.

Anyway, fellow lib dem (SINGLE) straight blokes....what's stopping you sending our Linda a nice (yellow) rose. What a catcherooney! Plus she can be quiet now and again - it happened on a Tuesday last April, I remember it well - I think she had toothache or something.

Plus what a roller coaster ride you'd have with Linda: trapped body parts, broken high heels, missed trains, planes and automobiles, near drowning, broken arms, grazed chins, lost clothing...The list goes on. How can you not want to date a winner like that? your life would never be dull ever again!