Saturday, November 03, 2007

Chis Huhne - Understanding the Electorate?

Brenda Beddard, who wrote to the Mirror this week - "GOD forbid if Chris Huhne is elected leader of the Lib Dems. I was at a function where he gave a talk about insulating your loft and buying a car with low emissions. Very commendable... except he was addressing a group of over-80s in sheltered accommodation!" touches on an important issue for the Huhne campaign, he may be able to communicate well within the party, however, if he wants to be leader he perhaps needs to pay a little more attention to how he communicates with the world outside the Lib Dem bubble.


Anonymous said...

So Chris is wrong to treat the over 80s as intelligent people, able to understans important issues?

That is what is wrong with the Clegg apologists, they think image is everything. Most older people are fed up with politicians who just use them as a cheap photo opportunity. That may be what Blair, Cameron and Clegg do, if this story is true, then I'm pleased Chris is different.

Anonymous said...

Surely the over-80s should be trying to cut their carbon emmissions the same as everyone else?

What exactly is your point Linda?