Thursday, November 01, 2007

Chris Huhne - Is there something of the "twilight" about him?

It may be the fact that I don't have the benefits of a classical/Oxbridge education..........but I am still totally confused about Huhne's policy position on Trident. I am not sure if he is deliberately surrounding himself with the half light of impossible contortions, or whether he really believes his position has any credibility. Whichever - it has only served to alienate many of the very people he presumably was hoping to attract. There is now even a Facebook Group 'Anti Trident Lib Dems for Nick Clegg'.

Please please Lib Dems for Chris or Chris himself can we once and for all bottom out your position on Trident????? Are you being deliberately obtuse?

So my challenge to Chris is this - be bold, be brave, say what you mean and mean what you say - or is this just too much to ask? Call for the scrapping of Trident today.
Come out fair and square as a unilateralist, or admit you are a multilateralist - I don't think it is possible to be both.

If you do this you may not win my vote, but you will win my respect.

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Anonymous said..., but Linda, Nick Clegg's position is explicitly to retain it a la the policy position you campaigned passionately against....