Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Should Iain Dale be my Campaign Manager?

Having been tied up yesterday until very late (including an evening with the First Sea Lord (!) more about that later) I missed all the kerfuffle about my comment about doing absolutely nothing in the Euro campaign. I felt that warranted a perhaps clearer explanation. I had not intended to stand for Europe as I was gearing myself up to go for a Westminster seat, I explained this to the region and I went for my conversion interview on the day nominations closed. I agreed to stand because I felt it was so important to have women on the list (bear in mind that at time I didn't know short meant I was the only one!) At the time I was also very tied up with a very poorly sister, and to be frank, that took priority. Consequently I had about two hours to write my manifesto, I had not geared up for a fight and in fact had promised others to help in their campaigns. I took the view, particularly given my personal circumstances, that I could not catch up and I would be happy just to be on the list and that what time I had would be best spent helping others.

However, given the result I am delighted to have the confidence of the Eastern Region to the extent that they have elected me into second place, particularly given my commitment to be radical! I guess it is a bit like an unplanned (but welcome) pregnancy. It's a bit of shock at first, but the excitement and anticipation is no less than had it been planned! So, my plans have changed. It will be a tough battle (but I think my pals will agree I am nothing if not a fighter), one worth fighting and one worth winning. We have to get our message out about Europe and I believe the people of this country deserve MEPs who are prepared to tackle some of shortcomings as well as celebrating the benefits we have all gleaned from being part of the EU. I can assure you that is a role I will relish!

So given the free publicity Mr Dale has given me, I thought he may like to go the whole hog and become my Campaign Manager? After all, if I can get a result like this doing so little, imagine what I can do when I really put my mind to it?!


James Graham said...

You might want to reconsider that offer. The last time Iain was campaign manager for someone, they went from a dead cert to a poor second place.

On the other hand, you're already in second place, so I suppose you have nothing to lose. :)

Linda Jack said...

Ha ha! OK, offer withdrawn!!!


Nick said...

But he does have a track record of boosting the Liberal Democrat vote when he's involved in elections!

Martin Land said...

Well, it's all very amusing Linda, but the fact of the matter is you are now second on our list and your comment will return to haunt us. The Tories will use it again and again in the European Campaign, against us. If it costs us a second european seat, well... But I suspect we will have delayed County Council elections on the same day - I hope our excellent county council candidates prospects are not hurt by the negative publicity you will have generated.

Ed said...

As Nich says, juding by Dale's record of winning votes for the Lib Dems in North Norfolk I'd sign him up straight away!