Sunday, November 18, 2007

Huhne's Supporters Drifting Away?

Oh dear, Chris has really blown it now. Even Colin Ross is reconsidering his decision to come out in support of him following today's performance.

To quote Colin

" Firstly Chris denied having seen the document, I am not sure I believe him, having already dealt with the Chris campaign I know for a fact that he had to give the final approval on something they sent out to me, logic dictates that the same would be true of this. Chris then tried to paint Nick as a calamity by saying he was all over the place on a number of issues.

Chris came across as a bully and by not means showed himself or the Party in a good light. Overall it seemed obviously that Chris is fighting internally whilst Nick looked, and sounded, like he wants to fight the opposition."


Anonymous said...

This is a cock up for Huhne. I thought he handled it well initially but fell into the trap of being too hectoring towards Clegg.

On the other hand there was a bit on the South West edition where it was the other way round - Clegg hectoring Huhne.

Anonymous said...

See also this.