Friday, November 09, 2007

Who is the true Anti-Establishment candidate?

In order to succeed post December 17th our new leader must be able to turn rhetoric into reality. So what will our "Anti-Establishment" leader look like, after all it's no good talking the talk if you can't walk the walk!

I am delighted that whoever wins both candidates have promised to take on that role - something new to inject a bit of fizz into our political scene - I love it! And it is a place the other two leaders can hardly ever seek to occupy - for the Conservatives (the clue is in the name) it is part of their reason d'etre. For an authoritarian so called 'Labour Party' any anti-establishment credentials they ever had evaporated a long time ago.

So both candidates have made a virtue of being anti-establishment - the question then has to be, who is best placed to hit the mark? Who will command the attention necessary if we as a party are to be heard when challenging.the "Establishment".

Clearly in my mind there is only one candidate - Nick Clegg. Now of course I am supporting him, but frankly, along with his undoubted liberal credentials - this is my major reason for doing so. We cannot afford to compromise on this - so not only do we need someone who is bold enough to take up the challenge, but also someone who is able to do so in a way that is interesting, passionate and exciting enough to be heard.........only one of the candidates effectively combines all those qualities - Nick Clegg!

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