Saturday, November 03, 2007

Huhne - The Anti Surveillance Society Candidate?


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Jock Coats said...

Yeah - I fisked this once in a discussion on the LDYS discussion boards. There's a hell of a difference between watching people and watching individuals.

Irysis only does the former. I's main products are aimed at, for example, counting blobs in and out of areas where too many people could cause injury or harm - think stopping extra people getting into the crush at the Hillsborough disaster. Or making sure that if you have proximity cards for accessing a secure area another "blob" doesn't piggy back on a "blob" with a card and get in behing them. Or counting blobs in and out so the emergency services know they've got everyone out of a particular area.

You have to link it with someone else's technology to get surveillance of individuals - cameras. Modern technology like this can be a great benefit in enhancing safety and, as in Tesco (or any other shop's) case, customer experience precisely WITHOUT infringing the individual "blob's" right to privacy.