Tuesday, November 27, 2007

London Hustings? Was it that exciting then????

I had hoped to get to the London hustings this evening, but then decided, given I had conferences in Manchester yesterday and Liverpool tomorrow, it was going to be too tight and a bit exhausting to come back. So, I have been waiting breathlessly for all those infamous bloggers (Stephen Tall - I'll make a decision after the hustings today) who were waiting and seeing.........all I can think is that they are all off down the pub, oblivious to us poor souls sat in our hotel rooms, wondering if its best to go to bed and set the alarm for 2am?!

I did get one text from someone who was there who thought Nick was good and Chris was "poor" on BME issues.

So, I will just have to be patient I guess.....

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Anonymous said...

Geoffrey Van Orden is useless. No one has ever heard from him over the past few years. I too am a Conservative supporter who will be voting for you Linda.

Keep up the hard work - VOTE JACK