Friday, November 16, 2007

Is Colin Ross deluded ?!

Earlier today I got a few texts from Mr Ross, variously telling me he had come out, was sorry, and giving me permission to blog about him being deluded!

Well, no, I don't think Colin is deluded in deciding to back Chris any more than I think Jo Hayes and other pals are. I just think they are wrong - I suppose that is stating the blinkin obvious, but if I thought they were right I would have joined them. The truth is we all care passionately about the future of our party. We got it wrong last time and we are all a tad nervous about getting it wrong this time. And frankly, as I have said before, however much faith we have in our chosen champion, the real test of leadership potential is in leading! If I honestly thought the Huhne package had all the right ingredients to do that job I would certainly be backing him now. But, whilst I have to acknowledge his undoubted qualities - they, for me, do not offer the right combination of ingredients to put us back in the batting (sorry there I go mixing me metaphors again!). Its a bit like making chicken stew and thinking no one will notice if you leave the chicken out.

So what ingredients do I think Chris lacks but I see are important for a future leader? Firstly, his ability to engage with the electorate which is far more than doing OK on QT, he has to be able to engage on every level, not just the intellectual. So for me, he lacks the right communication skills. Secondly, he doesn't come over as particularly passionate. At Rugby I remember him saying he was passionate about 3 things, I can't for the life of me remember what they were, his tone, body language etc were all telling a totally different story! Thirdly, he doesn't come across as particularly compassionate, or a particularly good listener, I read somewhere today someone said that on QT when listening Nick Clegg nodded as if he was really listening, whilst Chris looked like a stuffed glove puppet. Fourthly, he doesn't strike me as a particularly good team player. To lead a team you have to be able to engage everyone, even those who didn't back you as team leader. I have heard such vitriol from some of the parliamentarians who clearly know Chris a lot better than me, that I think there are real dangers in him seeking to take his parliamentary team with him. And whilst, of course, this is a one member one vote election, our parliamentary party has a vital role in our future destiny.

So no Colin, I don't think you have lost your marbles, or are deluded.........maybe..........misguided is the word!

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